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Indra Hunter Cover Artist
Custom painted cover art

A website with examples of her conver art and contact information.

Recommended Books For Writers
A selection of books about writing

Books about writing and revising fiction that we feel will provide great benefit to the writer of both fiction and non-fiction.

How To Create A Website
An easy, step-by-step guide for beginners by Nick Schöferhoff

In this guide, I will show you how most web developers build their sites and how you can avoid expensive website builders that are often too limited for a bigger site. I also help you avoid some mistakes that I did when I started out.

Online Calendar
Free Calendar with phases of the moon

A free on-line calendar with phases of the moon for any month and year from the year 1 to the year 9999. Insure that your scene has the proper moonlight and the correct day of the week.

Old Sears Catalongs Online
Explore your past with Sears Catalogs Online

Screen shots on products from 1897 - 1993. This is for research and how products have changed over the last 100 years. Original Sears catalog collection show how fashion, tools, and any other product Sears cost compared to the present. You select 1 unique year and the item you wish to research, and they will send you scans of all products for the year you have selected.

When Was I Conceived?
To compute when you or your character was conceived

If your character was born Christmas day 1887, you can use this website to determine the window of time his or her parents must have been together to conceive that character.

Waterproof Journals For Writers
A selection of waterproof journals

Journals that lessen the risk of writing near or on water. Whether poolside, in a canoe, or sitting in the rain, you reduce your risk of writing loss by using a waterproof journal.

Library Of Congress
A vast collection of documents and images

The Library of Congress claims to be the largest library in the world. Its "collections are universal, not limited by subject, format, or national boundary, and include research materials from all parts of the world and in more than 450 languages.

David Rumsey Map Collection
Over 76,000 Maps and Images Online

The historical map collection has over 76,000 maps and images online. The collection includes rare 16th through 21st century maps of America, North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Pacific and the World. Popular collection categories are celestial, antique atlas, globe, school geography, maritime chart, state, county, city, pocket, wall & case, children's, and manuscript maps.

Chronicling America
Search historic American newspapers

Search America's historic newspaper pages from 1789-1924 or use the U.S. Newspaper Directory to find information about American newspapers published between 1690-present. Chronicling America is sponsored jointly by the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Library of Congress.

Calendar Home
Free calendars with holidays

A website that will produce calendars of any year. This website also has links to calendars to in other languages, historical calendars, and astronomical calendars, among others.

Free Cover Images
Free Images for use as book covers

A website with over 36,000 images, most of which are free to use if you credit the photographer. Just beware that images that contain copyrighted material, trademarks, or recognizable faces cannot be used commercially for obvious legal reasons.