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Bryan Costales

Bryan Costales is an American author who wrote the very successful "Sendmail" (bat book) for O'Reilly Media, the "C From A to Z" book for Prentice Hall. His first novel "Jo", was followed by his second novel "Thread Twice Cut."

"The price of love," he mumbled. "Is doing the wrong things at the wrong times for the right reasons."
-- Bryan Costales, Sirens

George Jansen

George Jansen has published short stories and poems, and collaborated on half a dozen technical books concerning computer languages, operating systems, and email. His first novel, "The Jesse James Scrapbook" was published by Hilliard & Harris in 2003. His second, The Fade-away, was published by Pocol Press in 2007. Both have been republished by Fool Church Media in 2017. His third novel, "Haunts" was published by Fool Church Media in 2018. He currently resides in Pleasanton, California with a ridiculously fat cat. He is also an Honorary Mouseketeer.

"If there really were ghosts, then the world was a garbled place, a place where two plus two might equal five or six or anything, where life and death and ghosts and spirits might tangle like electrical cords, and everything you knew was wrong."
-- George Jansen, Lora's Ghost

Denver Welte

Denver Welte is an American poet currently living in Eugene, Oregon. She is a member of the Make Believe Sailors writing group, and has maintained a poetry blog for over four years. She lives with her fiance, son and a fine dog. She enjoys travel, the outdoors and playing with her son Westley.

"I saw you lying there on the cold concrete floor"
-- Denver Welte, Dew Drops, Wrong For Trying