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Dew Drops

ISBN: 978-1-945232-06-0
Edition: 1st Edition
Date Published: September 16, 2016

Author: Denver Welte

Again and again, in Denver Welte's exquisite Dew Drops, poems startle us into awareness of the understated, the nearly always invisible and the marvelous; those aspects of life that come under the rubrics of loneliness and joy. Welte combines a light lyricism with a postmodern sensibility for life.

This collection was gathered from a one time weekly blog that appeared over four years. They are arranged in date order rather than by theme, so that you may witness the poet's growth.

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The Author Speaks

I wrote many of these poems when in the beginning stages of my recovery from alcohol. A recovery that was made possible because of my supportive, loving family. I wrote these poems to reflect rather than regret. I've grown and changed in many ways. I let go of my addictions and became a mother to my amazing son. My life is something I am now truly grateful for.

About The Author

About The Author

Denver Welte

Denver Welte is an American poet currently living in Eugene, Oregon. She is a member of the Make Believe Sailors writing group, and has maintained a poetry blog for over four years. She lives with her fiance, son and a fine dog. She enjoys travel, the outdoors and playing with her son Westley.

She dabbled with poetry since she was a young girl. She abandoned poetry during her stressful years and returned to it later as a reformed young woman. That is when she began her blog, a weekly posting of original poems, and kept it up until her son was born.

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