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Death Gone Wildly Wrong

Author: Bryan Costales

Jo Bailey was a mystic and religious figure who, shortly before his death, founded the Church of Jo. This book is a late 20th Century historical novel by award winning author Bryan Costales. The life and times of Jo Bailey is presented in the form of a sequence of letters, articles, news accounts, diaries, and so on, each told by someone who cared about, or hated, Jo. It is the combined nature of these narratives that provide a rich overview of the last part of the 20th Century and and of Jo Bailey's ability to foresee death, but never prevent it.

This book is a fiction in the guise of reality, a story about the last half of the 20th century, and about three solved mysteries.

San Francisco in 1976. A rehearsal space on Skid Row. Punk Rock.
Cheap red wine. Prophetic ghosts. Love and betrayal.

Author: George Jansen

It is 1976 in freewheeling San Francisco, California. Robin Jenks, a young woman in her mid-twenties, is in an unhappy marriage. She and her husband, Mac, live along Skid Row in a rundown industrial building that they—along with a bisexual redhead and a lame ex-beach bum—have converted into living space and a rehearsal studio. Punk rock blasts at all hours. Wine flows like water. Musicians trade cocaine for rehearsal time. As the strain mounts, Robin begins to see spirits.

Elevator Versus Bus

Author: Bryan Costales

A collection of previously published essays about public transportation under the blog named MunifestDestiny.

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The Jesse James Scrapbook
Tales of Life on the Border

Author: George Jansen

The Jesse James Scrapbook explores the life and times of Jesse James and his importance as a national figure during the Civil War and Reconstruction eras. The tale is told through the voice of the press and people of America, fictionally recreated but based on actual historical sources. It is all here: chattel slavery, Bleeding Kansas, Quantril and his raiders, "The War for Southern Independence", the Younger Boys, the Pinkertons, the Northfield Raid and Cole Younger's capture and imprisonment. Robert Ford, "that dirty little coward," plays his role as an assassin and meets his ultimate fate in a Colorado boom town. Entertaining and provocative it is a fiction worthy of the true legend of Jesse James.

Thread Twice Cut

Author: Bryan Costales

Puppet died in 1986 and was resurrected 300 years later. He can be killed again, despite being resurrected into a world of immortals. Follow Puppet's adventure as he races against time to save the life of an immortal woman, before this strange world kills him.

Dew Drops

Author: Denver Welte

Again and again, in Denver Welte's exquisite Dew Drops, poems startle us into awareness of the understated, the nearly always invisible and the marvelous; those aspects of life that come under the rubrics of loneliness and joy. Welte combines a light lyricism with a postmodern sensibility for life.

The Fade-Away
California in 1900, when Baseball was played by ordinary folk.

Author: George Jansen

It is Friday, April 13, 1900, and Port Newton, a small California town on San Francisco Bay, is down on its luck. Times have been changing and fewer and fewer of the big grain ships take on their cargo there. Worse, Old Man Newton, himself, embezzled money from his own savings and loan, and its doors have been padlocked by order of the court. Port Newton's down-and-out citizens still have their own baseball team, as does every little town around the Bay, but the younger more athletic men have mostly emigrated to more prosperous climes. The team has become a laughingstock, but on that fateful fogbound Friday night, Constable "Long John" Sheets fishes a six foot tall American Indian, wearing a tuxedo, out of the chill waters of the Bay. Sheets and the boys at Foghorn Murphy's Railroad Exchange Saloon, having nothing better to do with the unconscious man, lay him out on Murphy's mahogany bar where he sleeps until, days later, he is awakened by the kiss of a maiden. The Fade-Away is a tale of love, greed, and America's descent into modernity.