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The Fade-Away
California in 1900, when Baseball was played by ordinary folk.

Author: George Jansen

The Fade-Away is a tale of love, greed, and America's descent into modernity.

Dew Drops

Author: Denver Welte

Again and again, in Denver Welte's exquisite Dew Drops, poems startle us into awareness of the understated, the nearly always invisible and the marvelous; those aspects of life that come under the rubrics of loneliness and joy. Welte combines a light lyricism with a postmodern sensibility for life.

Thread Twice Cut

Author: Bryan Costales

Puppet died in 1986 and was resurrected 300 years later. He can be killed again, despite being resurrected into a world of immortals. Follow Puppet's adventure as he races against time to save the life of an immortal woman, before this strange world kills him.

Death Gone Wildly Wrong

Author: Bryan Costales

Jo Bailey was a mystic and religious figure who, shortly before his death, founded the Church of Jo. This book is a late 20th Century historical novel by award winning author Bryan Costales. The life and times of Jo Bailey is presented in the form of a sequence of letters, articles, news accounts, diaries, and so on, each told by someone who cared about, or hated, Jo. It is the combined nature of these narratives that provide a rich overview of the last part of the 20th Century and and of Jo Bailey's ability to foresee death, but never prevent it.

This book is a fiction in the guise of reality, a story about the last half of the 20th century, and about three solved mysteries.

The Jesse James Scrapbook
Tales of Life on the Border

Author: George Jansen

Jesse James is, all these years later, one of the most famous American characters who has ever lived. Not only an American paradox, James is a symbol of "the haunted stillness" of a post Civil War America, scarred for life by "that terrible conflict," the bloodiest battle ever experienced on American soil. Jansen's novel examines the James legend through the firsthand historical voice of the press and people of America, fictionally recreated by Jansen, based, however, on "actual" historical documents. George Jansen has successfully written a provocative and entertaining work of fiction worthy of the true legend of Jesse James.