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Author: Bryan Costales

A letter was sent back in time from the far future. It warned four different religions of a birth that would destroy the world. To make it believable, the letter listed several disaster that would occur. Those religions set out to kill Unma and Neil, those named in the letter. Can Unma render enough of them never born in time? Can Neil's Sati warn him soon enough? The two finally meet when the attempts to kill them become more violent. In a race against time, the two must discover if Unma's baby will save or destroy the world.

Edition: First
Date Published: Due sometime in 2019

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About The Author

About The Author

Bryan Costales is an American Author who wrote the very successful "sendmail" (bat book) for O'Reilly Media, the "C From A to Z" book for Prentice Hall, recently published his novel "Jo", his literary short story collection "Gosling Collective," and his science fiction short story collection "Time And Space." Bryan won first place in Prose Award in 1964 as part of the AAUW High School Writing Contest. He has studied with the San Francisco Grotto, San Francisco Writing Salon, and the Grape Writing Method, has written over 100 short stories and essays. His most recent credits are short stories published in The Banyon Review, Romance Magazine, and the Riptide Journal.

Bryan lives in Eugene, Oregon where he dabbles in photography, gardening, and exploring the great North West. His interests range from science to politics to public transportation.

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