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C From A To Z Part 1

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Date Published: Due sometime in 2019

Author: Bryan Costales

Now there's a painless way to learn the C programming language!

This book gives you a clear step-by-step introduction to C as it is used on microcomputers and large multi-user systems. You'll find complete coverage of the C keywords and functions found in C's standard library. The numerous programming examples deal with everyday applications rather than abstract mathematical computations. And the learning process is made more enjoyable by the author's offbeat, fresh style. You'll soon find yourself writing useful and meaningful programs in C even if you have no prior programming experience.

This is the first of a series of three books, each of which teaches progressively thornier problems to solve.

Part 1 (this book) introduces all the essential aspects of the C language itself.
Part 2 shows how to build complex projects using make and autoconf.
Part 3 shows how to write multi-threaded, asynchronous, and/or graphic programs.

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About The Author

Bryan Costales
  • Jo 2014
  • Thread Twice Cut 2017
  • Is an American Author who wrote the very successful "sendmail" (bat book) for O'Reilly Media, the "C From A to Z" book for Prentice Hall. His first novel "Jo", was followed by his second novel "Thread Twice Cut."

    Bryan won first place in Prose Award in 1964 as part of the AAUW High School Writing Contest. He has studied with the San Francisco Grotto, San Francisco Writing Salon, and the Grape Writing Method, has written over 100 short stories and essays. His most recent credits are short stories published in The Banyon Review, Romance Magazine, and the Riptide Journal.

    Bryan lives in Eugene, Oregon where he dabbles in photography, gardening, and exploring the great North West. His interests range from science to politics to public transportation.

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    Chapter Titles

    Prolog Why C?
    Chapter 1 Compiling C
    Chapter 2 Value, Assignment, Type
    Chapter 3 If, Else And Operators
    Chapter 4 Functions
    Chapter 5 The for And while Loops
    Chapter 6 Class And Scope
    Chapter 7 Arrays
    Chapter 8 Pointers
    Chapter 9 Pointers And Arrays
    Chapter 10 Strings
    Chapter 11 Argc and Argv
    Chapter 12 File Input And Output
    Chapter 13 Read And Write Blocks
    Chapter 14 More About Types
    Chapter 15 Switch, Case and Goto
    Chapter 16 Memory Magement
    Chapter 17 Multi-Dimensional Arrays
    Chapter 18 Structure
    Chapter 19 Union And Typedef
    Chapter 20 Bits And The Bitwise Operators
    Chapter 21 Fine Tuning
    Appendix A A vi Tutorial
    Appendix B Operator Precedence
    Epilog Whence Next?

    Sample Chapter

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