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Time And Space
Humanity's Ultimate Fate

Author: Bryan Costales
A collection of Science Fiction short stories which examine the question of humanity's ultimate fate. Over a dozen different takes on what may befall us.
  • A woman with memories of previous lives becomes an AI who saves the world.
  • A man designs a piece of ugly jewelry that ultimately becomes humanity's salvation.
  • A woman murders her husband without knowing the end of the world is about to begin.
  • A boy discovers his parents were artificially created as he watched them dissolve.
  • Low density dirt destroys a marriage.
  • A homeless man vanishes into a cardboard box which was merely interesting until his daughter vanished into that same box.
  • Children battle George Washington and the Wall and, eventually each other, to become the one born.

These and more exciting and emotionally gripping tales have all been collected in to this amazing book.

ISBN: 9781312639737
Edition: 1st Edition, 6th Revision (In Print)
Date Published: November 20, 2014

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Ashley S. on Scribd wrote of Zero Bottles Of Beer: Just re-read this, and I forgot how much I rather liked this. Has a similar tune to a novel I read about a year ago (But the title is forgotten). The foreboding sense keeps me reading it over and over again.

The Author Speaks

Over the span of four years I wrote one new short story a month to develope my skills as a writer. These stories were uploaded to for the public to read. While there, most of them recieved hundreds of read (a few recieved thousnds of reads) and all were well reviewed.

The stories in Time And Space are science fiction. Two stories were professionally published, one in the Peridot Books and the other in Cantaraville, and are both included in this collection.

About The Author

Bryan Costales
  • Jo 2014
  • Thread Twice Cut 2017
  • Elevator Versus Bus 2021
  • Is an American Author who wrote the very successful "sendmail" (bat book) for O'Reilly Media, the "C From A to Z" book for Prentice Hall. His first novel "Jo", was followed by his second novel "Thread Twice Cut."

    Bryan won first place in Prose Award in 1964 as part of the AAUW High School Writing Contest. He has studied with the San Francisco Grotto, San Francisco Writing Salon, and the Grape Writing Method, has written over 100 short stories and essays. His most recent credits are short stories published in The Banyon Review, Romance Magazine, and the Riptide Journal.

    Bryan lives in Eugene, Oregon where he dabbles in photography, gardening, and exploring the great North West. His interests range from science to politics to public transportation.

    Chapter Titles

    Rose Became Useful Rose woke up behind a dumpster and found herself the last person on earth. Only when she found dogs trapped inside houses did she find her purpose.
    Do Laundry Adamo did laundry to help Vicky make money. It wasn't until the day Vicky didn't come home that he finally ventured outside to discover his own worth.
    Zero Bottles Of Beer On The Wall Carrie and her dad fought off sleep while the entire world slept. Would her father save her in the end?
    Arf A girl in a mental hospital was stuck with a pencil by a crazy woman named Arf. Was Arf really from the future?
    First Day Two children are trained by a Wall and George Washington. As the adults slowly vanished, the kids were forced to define their own future.
    Alpha Card Jim was fascinated because the new device would show him ghosts. Too bad it was an alpha model.
    Ribbon A girl is sent elsewhere by a birthday ribbon. This is the story of how she found her way home again, but in the most unexpected manner.
    Boot Hill Two brothers survive the radiation to discover the world outside. But one of them takes his own life, leaving the other to puzzle out what is real and what is not.
    Made Gerolde made a girlfriend by mistake and must suffer the consequences of his actions. As his world disloves away, he must ready himself for the forest and the creatures it holds.
    Coming Storm A woman kills her husband and drives his body across the country. In Nevada, we discover that her storm is not the really bad one.
    Hot Bath A man shows kindness where his father would not have done so. His compassion, however, is not without reward.
    Sombrero On a planet with low-density dirt, some jealousy games were not really worth playing.
    Lilac And Roses Joan was reincarnated over and over and eventually became a space robot that protected the Earth from alien invasion.
    The Box Tom's daughter disappears into a cardboard box, the same box into which a homeless man earlier disappeared. How do your rescue you daughter from a cardboard box?
    Ugly Stick Dango created a device --and ugly stick-- to record his life. He had no idea it would someday preserve the history of humanity. An epic journey that follows the ugly stick through future history.

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