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Gosling Collective
When it Rains it Pours

Author: Bryan Costales
A collection of short stories about relationships that might be broken:
  • An urban trolley ride after midnight with clothes on backward
  • Shooting a chicken in Kansas and escaping the midwest
  • How a cup of coffee can raise a fellow's spirits
  • How tunnel vision can resemble a cruise
  • What happens when a woman chokes on a prune pit
  • How death can fly over the city never to return to Oakland

Stories written for adults and teens. Only a few stories are more than a dozen pages long. Twenty nine bite sized stories for your emotional involvement and entertainment.

ISBN: 9781312092969
Edition: 1st Edition (In Print)
Date Published: April 22, 2014

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Raul on Scribd wrote of My Twenty Killed A Kid: "Hey its a wonderful work... Brought shivers at number of places.... Thoroughly insightful and very dark."

Ali O'Keefe on Scribd wrote of Email Brakup: "I always find that an actual letter gives them something too burn/shred in anger. Nice story."

Jon Thorpe on Scribd wrote of The Whale: "A well constructed piece. What I particularly found most effective is the ambiguous nature. We are seeing Frank at a turning point and what comes next is going to be joyous or insanely depressing."

phishyflash on Scribd wrote of Damn Rehab: "Another jewel I found amongst the dusty exploration... so much to share, so little time!! give this a skim, its good fun!"

Rayanda on Scribd wrote of Ate A bug: "Fluid, effortless story-telling. Well worthy of its feature. The cover art is great too!"

Phantomic on Scribd wrote of God Heads: "In my mind I was imagining the old lady in the park with the God heads turning towards her and I could hear the Twilight Zone music and even picture Rod Serling showing up to make a comment! Congrats on the featured, and thanks to Rayanda for letting us know about this story."

The Author Speaks

Over the span of four years I wrote one new short story a month to develope my skills as a writer. These stories were uploaded to for the public to read. While there, most of them recieved hundreds of read (a few recieved thousnds of reads) and all were well reviewed.

The stories in the Gosling Collective are literary fiction. One story was professionally published in the Banyan Review and is included in this collection.

About The Author

Bryan Costales

Bryan Costales wrote the very successful "sendmail" (bat book) for O'Reilly Media. His most recent credits are short stories published in The Banyon Review, Romance Magazine, and the Riptide Journal.

Bryan is CTO with Fool Church Media. He lives in the great Northwest where he shoots professionally published photography, dabbles in gardening, and explores nature. His interests range from science to politics to public transportation. Everthing you ever wanted to know about him can be found at

Chapter Titles

Outbound Train A tragi-comic loss of dignity while George was on a trolley ride home. Someone put his clothes backwards which was bad enough, but then he remembered kissing Dell. Too bad he fell asleep and awoke at the end of the line.
Ate A Bug Tony returned home from an Amazon cruise mute from a bug bite. That made him more attractive to is wife, but only briefly.
The Whale The story of a shy overweight man in an epic love story of mythic proportions.
Damn Rehab Jake and his girlfriend Lady disagree about the meaning of rehab and what it means to be five days sober. Could he be anymore of a jerk? Well yes he could.
Plum Pit Tina choked on a plum pit. That led to good and bad luck over breakfast. She struggles to make sense of a shooting and a suicidal man and how all the pieces fell into place.
Email Breakup Dan tried to break up with his girlfriend Alice using email. The server named Rosary taught him a lesson in how to break up.
My Twenty Killed A Kid Why did Mona gave twenty dollars to her boyfriend who used the money to get drunk and drive and kill a kid? Could the author convince her to remember the boy's name?
Lemon Drops The story of Blaze who drifted with guilt over the death of her brother but never told her husband what happened when she was a little girl.
God Heads Glenda at 85 forgot to take her pills and went in search of the God Heads. Did she remember to take her pills in time? Was the man she met real?
The Happiest Man In The World Billy saves the day. A boy is kidnapped and Billy (who is what used to be called a retard) spots the bad guy who took the kid. This story takes place in the 1930's and shows how Billy was saved by saving the boy .
Tunnel Cruise Old man Duff wonders how he can leave the retirement home to go on a cruise. He dances with Ellen who is clumsy and leaves him on the sofa where he comes to an important realization.
Chicago Loop On Sally's birthday she went with her friend Winter to a carnival. There, her old conflict between pockets and purses met a new adversary in a carnival ride called the Chicago Loop.
Skinny Dip Sixteen year old Jerome Flagg was startled from his reverie that warm June night outside the Big Gulp Bar when he saw his Dad and another woman kiss passionately. When he got home he couldn't get that image from his mind. What did his dying mother tell him?
Parisian Water Bob was still weak from a heart attack when he tries to convince his wife to go to Paris without him. Instead he met Mr. Death in Safeway.
Remembered Stitches Lola remembered a warning from her father and why men always left her when she wounded herself.
Three Chickens After months of looking for work, Ray got an afternoon job that paid him three chickens. Too bad his pregnant wife Sheila made him move to Kansas for the birth of their kid. Can their relationship survive the strain? Is it possible for Ray to kill a chicken using a pistol? Is it wise to ride a motorcycle on ice?
Locked dog Trick Cynthia disliked dogs because she had been bitten twice. But the mystery dog locked in her car led her down a brand new road perhaps even toward a new love.
Damn Mexicans Linda looked at him. Like most of the men she'd met in Costa Rica, he seemed attractively virile in his white shorts and tight t-shirt, but too young and definitely third world. How would the loss of her glasses spoil her evening?
Moron Walt thinks his wife is about to fly to Paris, so he takes her gun and plans to ambush her at the gas station. Too bad he is a moron and cannot plan anything right.
Squeaky Wheel Homeless Joe finds a present that was dropped by a man using an umbrella as a cane. Whose birthday is it or will it turn out to be? Will it be Joe's birthday after all?
Walter On Water Fran was far from home in a hotel where outside it poured rain. How will she cope with her husband's stroke? What did it mean when Walter told her he was raised on water?
View From A Ladder Atop a ladder, Norman considered his mortality as he has to choose between cleaning the garage or fixing the porch.
Blown To Weeds Dora Winsten sat in front of her makeup table and remembered all the loses she had suffered. The strange story of one way to cope.
A Note A note under the front door welcome mat caused Ellen to remember the day her husband shot her lover with a rented gun. A howling Halloween mat and an odd way to remember the past.
Cry Lion A young boy had his lunch eaten by a lion and goes on to learn an important lesson about truth and justice.
By A Laundromat April goes to a laundromat to dry her clothes because her dryer is broken. While there, a prior lover tries to fix her up with a blind date with unexpected consequences.

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