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Thread Twice Cut [Working Title]

ISBN: ---
Edition: ---
Date Published: Due in early 2017

Author: Bryan Costales

Puppet died in 1986 and was resurrected 300 years later. He can be killed again, despite being resurrected into a world of immortals. Led on a quest by an immortal woman out to kill him, he finds love in an unexpected place, and along the way changes the world for the better.

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About The Author

Bryan Costales

Bryan Costales is an American author who wrote the very successful "Sendmail" (bat book) for O'Reilly Media, the "C From A to Z" book for Prentice Hall, recently published his novel "Jo", his literary short story collection "Gosling Collective," and his science fiction short story collection "Time And Space." He has studied with the San Francisco Grotto, San Francisco Writing Salon, and the Grape Writing Method. He has written over 100 short stories and essays, many of which have been professionally published.

Bryan is CTO with Fool Church Media. He lives in the great Northwest where he dabbles in photography, gardening, and exploring nature. His interests range from science to politics to public transportation. He writes a public transit blog called MUNIfest Destiny and his author's blog appropriately called Thoughtful Chaos.

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