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The Fade-Away
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ISBN: 9781312639737
Edition: 2nd Edition, (1st Edition Pocal Press)
Date Published: Due in the fall 2017

Author: George Jansen

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About The Author

George Jansen has been a writer all his life. He has published short stories and poems, and collaborated on a half dozen technical books concerning computer languages, operating systems, and email. His latest novel is The Fade-away, a tale of amateur baseball in small town America circa 1900.

When he was a boy, he worshiped the brave cowboys who roamed the wide-open movie screens of Oakland, California, where he was born. When he was five, he won honorary mention in a costume contest for his Hopalong Cassidy outfit. When he was twelve, he fell in love with the ghost towns of western Nevada and has been exploring them ever since. His first girlfriend taught him to ride, and his father, a Civil War buff, helped him appreciate the history of that terrible conflict and the haunted stillness that overhangs its battlefields.

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